Get Found on Page 1 with Google Adwords – Done For You or DIY

Google Adwords Video Course

Our Google Adwords Video Course is a simple, effective, look-over-my-shoulder way to learn Google Adwords. 

There are 15 google adwords training videos in total.  After an Introductory video, the second video deals with getting started with Google adwords.  If you are looking for adwords help, you are in the right place.

Here is a screenshot from Video 2, showing exactly how to create effective Google Ads – just one point covered in Video 2.

Creating effective Google Ads

Video 3 deals with how to set up Adwords.  The screenshot below shows an Advanced set up option – “Radius Targeting.”  If you are a local business, this can save you an absolute fortune on your Google Adwords spend.


In Video 4 we look at advertising effectively. Google advertising rates are quite variable – Getting tons of clicks does not necessarily work.  If they are the wrong kind of clicks, you are simply wasting money – you want clicks from buyers, not browsers.  We show you how to stop wasting money on people who want to do it themselves for free.

Effective Adwords Advertising

Video 5 focuses on Google Adwords Mistakes To Be Avoided.  Watch over our shoulder as we reveal the 10 biggest mistakes beginners make – and how to avoid them.

Google Adwords Mistakes To Be Avoided



Google Adwords Audit and Optimization is the subject of Video 6.  We show you how to make sure your Adwords account is fully optimized and how to eliminate mistakes that both harm you account and waste your money.  An Adwords Audit is not simple, but we provide a 16 point, step-by-step, watch over my shoulder video coverage of everything you need to do (don’t worry, the video is only 6 minutes long).

Google Adwords Audit and Optimization

Video 7 looks at improving your Adwords Quality Score.  We walk you through the 8 things you must know about Quality Score to not only improve your results but also lower the cost of your Ads.  Some of these are obvious, some are not – like making sure your keyword is in the Title, Description and Meta Tags of your landing page.  Certain things are fundamental to Google Adwords Marketing – make sure you have them all covered.

How to Improve Adwords Quality Score

The Google Display Network is hotly debated, even amongst Google Adwords Experts.  My personal feel is that it is good for some businesses, but not all.  It also has some unique features that can be a blessing or a curse (if you have ever been followed by an Ad everywhere you go online, you know how that can annoy people).  We lay out the facts in Video 8 so that you can decide whether Display Ads are good for your business, and if so, how to use them.

Google Display Network

Video 9 deals with a relatively new addition to Google Adwords – Callouts.  We show you how to use the different types of Callout, but one I insist on is the phone callout.  If people can search Google and ring you without leaving the search results page, you are making it as easy as possible to do business with you.

Callout Extensions

Google Remarketing Strategies (video 10) expands on the Google Display Network.  Remarketing involves “tagging” your visitors when they visit your site and then following them around the internet.  This means your product or service gets several views by the same person; again needs to be done sensitively.

Google Remarketing Strategies

In video 11, we look at Adwords Bidding Strategies Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know. We outline all the bidding strategies in our google adwords step by step guide, so that you can decide which works best for you.

Adwords Bidding Strategies Your Competitors Probably Dont Know

Video 12 deals with how to apply Google Adwords specifically to small businesses. If you have a million dollar advertising budget, you can get away with small mistakes.  If you are a small Mom and Pop business with a $100 a week advertising budget, you need to be really careful and total focused.

Setting Budgets

Video 13 continues the theme of financial responsibility.  Filtering out unwanted clicks is something many amateurs forgot – we show you how to reduce wasted spend like a pro.  For example, if you are running a pressure cleaning business the last thing you want is someone clicking on your Ad (and costing you money) when they are looking to buy their own pressure cleaner and do the job themselves.

Saving Money

Video 14 looks at some new features introduced for Google Ads.  These are not for everybody, but there will be part of it that is good for you.  For example, “Live Events” is great IF you run live events, but not much use to most of us.  On the other hand, “Location Extensions” are useful to most businesses (you can also upload how much stock you have of a certain item) – if it is a limited stock of a sought after item, great!

Our final video looks at analysing and monitoring performance.  This is easy if you sell a product and clients go to a specific web page to pay for it – this can be measured.  However, even with Service Businesses, the click to call feature lets you know what is working.

Google Ads Click to Call

We hope you have enjoyed this walk through of our Google Adwords Video Course.  For just $47, you can set up your own Google Marketing.  However, if you prefer us to do it for you, please ring Terry on 0468 420 470 and we can set up Google Ads for you.