Get Found on Page 1 with Google Adwords – Done For You or DIY

Done For You Adwords Service

Our Done For You Google Adwords Service is a great alternative to a DIY ebook or Video series.

Google Adwords is not the easiest of things to work with, and mistakes can be costly. In addition, it takes time. So, if you have the time and the willingness to learn, a Adwords book or Video series is fine.  However, most small business owners are too busy earning money at what they are good at.

Our Adwords Management Agency Services are a little different to most.  For a start, most Google Adwords Agency setups make you sign up to a monthly contract.  We don’t.  we charge $65 per hour for whatever work we agree between us beforehand.  This obviously varies, depending on whether you are a one-man mowing business or a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of employees.  In addition, we have no lock-in contracts – the only way we “lock you in” is by making sure you make more money from using our services. This also enables you to progress at your pace, no set things that must be done this month.  It also gives you confidence – If we do not get results, you can pull the plug any time you want.  For us to succeed, you need to succeed – that keeps us pretty focused. Go with the Google adwords campaign management services that rely on your success for our success!

Google Adwords Video Course - Mistakes To Be AvoidedFor set up (for example) we might agree to start small focusing on one product or service and make sure you are happy with that before branching out to other products and / or services.  We might also focus on a small area, say within 20 km of your business, to keep costs down as we build up your business with local work that involves very little travelling.

We get it that you want to see results before investing large amounts of your money.  We encourage starting small, not only because it limits your risk but because working in small bite-size chunks also helps you to develop an understanding of how Google pay-per-click works.

Starting small also allows you to work out what your clients are really searching for, and how to target that keyword at a reasonable cost.  We might even recommend letting your competitors pay top dollar for expensive keywords, while you go after cheaper alternatives.  An advantage of working with a Google adwords management company is keeping your Ego in check – some people just have to have the top spot regardless of how good or bad it is for your bottom line.  While high visibility is good, profitable high visibility is much better! We also help you filter out unwanted keywords, eg those searching for DIY solutions – Cutting your costs is as important to us as increasing your online exposure.

Are we a massive, nationwide, Google Adwords Agency? No, we are not, nor do we pretend to be.  We are looking only for small to medium size clients in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas – every time you ring up, you talk to the same person (continuity is critical in working together to improve your profitability).  We also speak simple english, not jargon and technical gibberish (No SERP’s CTR’s, QS or PPC here!). Being able to sit down, face to face over a coffee, and having a sensible discussion about how we progress, is critical.  Plus, we handle all of the work ourselves, no overseas outsourcing. And, as a former International Management Consultant, we might even be able to offer you some great business advice.

Your Adwords campaign is only half of the picture; your website is the other half.  Because we can also offer high level website services, we ensure your website works for the people whose clicks you pay for.

So, WHY a Done For You Adwords Service?

Search Google for a keyword related to your business and study the results.  Here is an example:

Why You Need To Use Google Adwords

Notice that Page One does not show ANY individual restaurants!  All Directories, Newspapers, Google’s own properties.  Accident?  Or Design?  Remember, the vast majority of Google’s income comes from Adwords.  Increasingly the first page is given over to huge sites, crowding out individual businesses – forcing them to pay for Adwords if they want Page 1 exposure.  The above is a really bad case BUT google your business and you will almost certainly find lots of Directory Sites, Review Sites, News Sites etc hogging Page 1 space.

Now it IS true that you can get on Page 1 by natural means, known in the trade as SEO (Search engine Optimization).  BUT it takes a lot of time and effort, and usually some expenditure.

Google Adwords on the other can get you on Page 1 within 24 hours.  And as long as you pay enough, you will stay there.

If you are a new business, using Adwords to start off with and gradually optimizing your website to get on Page 1 by natural means is not a bad strategy – Adwords is instant, SEO takes time.

However, neither SEO or Google Adwords stands still.  Your competitors are trying to get above you, and if you do nothing about SEO or Adwords, eventually they will get above you.  Getting back above them is simple and quick with Adwords – simply bid higher.  Even then, you need to constantly check your Ego is not bidding out of profitability.

Adwords Gold Coast and Brisbane

So, as you can see, our Done For You Adwords Service can save you a lot of time and hassle.  However, if you think you can set up Adwords yourself, buy the book or videos and give it a go.Adwords Gold Coast and Brisbane

Now for a really special offer.  If you try the Adwords book or the Adwords videos and you find you are too busy running your own business to run your Google Adwords campaign properly, ring Terry on 0468 420 470 and we will give you a 50% refund off your first Done For You Adwords Service invoice!