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Adwords Ebook – Learn How To Use Google Adwords

Our introduction to Adwords tells you why Google Adwords can be the best or worst thing to ever happen to your business.

If your business is not Google-Adwords-Ready, it can be a disaster.  Adwords can be a bottomless money pit, and it is complicated, and time consuming. We tell you the things you need to fix BEFORE you invest in Adwords.  Your Google adwords step by step guide gets you ready.

Adwords EBook CoverChapter 1 deals with getting started with Google Ads – including the 3 factors that combine to decide how much you Ad will cost. We also help you understand why Mobile Adwords campaigns and Desktop campaigns should be treated separately.  We explain the factors required to create an effective Google Ad.

In chapter 2, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to create your Google Ads, starting with setting up your account.

Chapter 3 looks at the factors required to build a successful Adwords campaign.   Keywords are central to success and we walk you through the secrets of picking great keywords.  Next coming checking that your profit margins are consistent with the bid prices you need to pay.

In chapter 4, we show you the Google Ad-words mistakes to be avoided. C0ntrary to popular belief, Google Adwords is NOT set and forget – it needs constant attention.  Plus, we show you other 9 Adwords mistakes you must avoid to ensure the extra revenue exceeds the extra cost involved.

Chapter 5 takes you through a Google Ad-Words Audit & Optimization process.  We step you though Ad Copy Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Ad Words Account Management Review, Quality Control and Visibility.

Improving your Quality Score in Google Adwords is the focus of chapter 6.  “Quality Score” is one of the mysteries of Google Adwords, but is fundamental to success – we show you how it works.

Chapter 7 looks at Ad-Words Display Advertising.  Even Adwords Experts have mixed feelings on the Display Network – we show you why.  For some businesses, great; for other businesses, not so good.  It provides massive coverage, using different types of Ads including Image Ads and Youtube Ads.  There are several “targetting” options – after reading this Google Adwords Ebook you will know exactly what to do.

Chapter 8 shows you how to Turbocharge your Ad-words for breakthrough performance. Taking advantage of “Callout Extensions” is essential – NEVER put up an Ad without a phone number!

“Content Remarketing Strategies” available on the Google Display network are the focus of Chapter 9.  We explain what Content Remarketing Strategies are, and whether they are good for your business.  “Ad Fatigue” is one of the dangers of Content Remarketing Strategies – we show you how to avoid ad fatigue.

In chapter 10 we share some Google Adwords Bidding Strategies your competitors probably don’t know – and why you should go for Manual Bid Setting. Plus we will explain “Cost Per Thousand Impression” bidding.

Chapter 11 looks specifically at using Google Ad-words for small businesses.  Large businesses have large advertising budgets; small businesses usually do not have that advantage, so we need to work smarter.  In particular, controlling your budget and being ultra-specific with your keywords is essential.

Adwords Ebook

Chapter 12 is budget-critical; How to reduce wasted Adwords spend.  Matching the customer to your product is critical.  Getting more CLICKS is not the important thing – getting more BUYERS is much more important.  A danger of Google Adwords is that your Ego can over-rule your business sense; we show you how to avoid this

In chapter 13 we look at the Google Adwords Feature Updates for 2017 and finally bring it all to a conclusion.

Adwords Ebook Table of Contents

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